We offer this comprehensive course to students in advance of their 2nd year in secondary school. The course will consist of 40 classes with experienced teachers.

This course will give students a solid grounding in the fundamentals of the language. Students will spend time developing oral, aural and written skills in a positive learning environment. Students will be assisted in developing their study skills which will enable them to learn more efficiently.

Grammar will also form an important part of this course and students will study the basic tenses, irregular verbs, aidiacht shealbhach and the réamhfhocail. Advanced work on using nathanna cainte and phrases to develop a richness in use of the language will be an intrinsic component of the class work. This will enable students to write accurately about a range of topics to prepare excellently for the new Junior Certificate course. There will be an introduction to prose and poetry and students will learn the language they need to discuss and write analytically to succeed with this part of the course.