This comprehensive course is offered to students in advance of their final year in primary school or in
advance of their first year in secondary school. The course will consist of 40 classes with experienced
teachers. Students will be provided with a booklet at the beginning of the course which will cover all the
necessary skills in maximising educational potential to assist students’ transition from primary school to
secondary level education.
We focus on the oral Irish examination from the start of the course and students are assisted in
formulating and composing their own personal topics. Students will work collaboratively on these topics
to gain greater confidence for their oral Irish exam.
This course will focus on improving grammatical skills and developing colourful Irish phrases and
idiomatic expressions. Extensive comprehension exercises and aural work for the Cluasthuiscint exam
are also an intrinsic part of the course. All grammar areas as detailed in the Primary School Curriculum
will be covered and explained in detail.
Students will undertake a mock oral Irish exam in the final week of the course. Students will receive their
marks and recommendations from the examiners.